Alexander Court have been delving into the past to help their dementia patients reminisce. Twice a week staff set up a table with a collection of old-fashioned, traditional ingredients. The residents then create their own sandwiches for their lunch from fillings such as: lemon curd, dripping, corned beef, spam and sugar, as shown in the picture above. The residents enjoy being able to choose their own lunch and it encourages them to reminisce about their own childhood.

Another unusual method staff are using to encourage the discussion of memories is a little more modern. Staff have bought the app “House of Memories,” which encourages reminiscing through the creation of virtual memory trees and boxes for their tablet, specifically designed for dementia patients and their carers. It includes music, images and sound effects to create a multi-sensory experience. Each resident creates a personal profile that they can then share with other residents and staff; this encourages conversation and communication around the home.

Tony Howland, Home Manager commented on the activities, “It’s very important to encourage communication in the home and practical activities such as making their own sandwiches is a brilliant way to encourage residents to share their experiences. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to do this and the introduction of the app is a great example of this.”

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