The residents of an Atherton care home came face-to-face with a flying dragon during their St George’s Day celebrations.

Famous for their imaginative themed events for residents, the team at The Chanters wanted to make sure this year’s St George’s Day was one to remember. Naturally, the home was decked out with English flags and bunting in the run-up to the big event. Then on April 23rd, an action-packed day began with a screening of the St Geroge’s Day parade on YouTube. Always happy to sing along, residents then enjoyed joining in with patriotic songs while waving Union Jack flags.

Later on, there was an unexpected visitor to the home in the form of a dragon piñata filled with sweets. Just like St George, residents faced the beast with sword in hand, or in this case, a roll of tinfoil! After a few fatal blows from our mighty residents, victory was declared and the sweets were enjoyed by all.

A Feast of English Classics

As you can imagine, tackling the dragon piñata worked up a healthy appetite. So to bring the celebrations to a close, our warriors enjoyed some English classics for tea. After an exciting day fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding went down very well indeed!

Lyndsey McBride, the home’s activity coordinator, said: “St George’s Day 2021 was full of lots of fun and laughter and the dragon piñata was a good workout!”

With a dedicated activities coordinator, The Chanters offers a varied weekly programme of activities. As well as regular pampering, gentle exercise and craft-based activities, there is always a themed day or celebration for residents to look forward to at the home. We work hard to ensure that our residents celebrate the events that are most important to them, working together to create happy memories.

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