Avonbridge Care Home's knitting club received two hand-knitted bunnies for their yarn-bombing tree with a hand-written card.

The weekly ‘Knit and Natter’ group at Avonbridge Care Home in Hamilton are pleased to have received some knitted gifts inspired by their latest project. At the start of the autumn, our resident’s knitting group decided to start a ‘yarn-bombing tree.’

Yarn-bombing is a form of street art where displays of colourful wool creations appear in public places. This quickly became a trend after capturing people’s imagination on social media. The Avonbridge yarn-bombing tree is in front of the care home, with a sign encouraging passers-by to add knitted items to it.

Recently, the knitting group received a pair of knitted bunnies along with a lovely card from the person who had made them. The card read; “Hi, I have really enjoyed knitting these two bunnies, Marmaduke and Penelope. I am sure they will be very happy together on your tree.”

The group have decided that the bunnies are just too gorgeous to put outside. So they are keeping them in the warm for a while. Residents are really happy that so many people have joined in with the yarn-bombing tree, and look forward to more woolly items appearing soon!


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