A Droitwich care home has whisked residents back to May 1945 for its VE Day commemorations.

Recreating the sights and sounds of the historic day, the team at Ravenstone Care Home on St Andrews Road organised a memorable celebration for their residents.

76 years to the day, the home was decorated with Union Jack flags, bunting and bowler hats. Residents enjoyed watching old newsreels of the original celebrations, looking at black and white photos and singing along to wartime songs.

Thanks to the home’s Oomph On Demand digital activity platform, the Ravenstone residents also took part in interactive VE Day quizzes, immersive puzzles and craft activities.

Sharing Fond Memories

With a wealth of memories conjured by the day’s activities, residents couldn’t wait to share their own stories from the time.

Many recalled vividly where they were when the news of the end of the war in Europe came. One resident said: “I spent VE Day walking through the park with a South African sailor. He didn’t know the area and popped his head over the garden fence. He was a real gentleman!”

“We joined in all the street parties, as many as we could. We couldn’t figure out where they got all the food from. It was a big relief. I was at the front of the queue for the jelly. It came in different shapes like a rabbit for example.”

Another added: “All the family came out and formed a big circle. We were thrilled at all the food. I remember some American people being there, they latched onto the ladies!”

The Droitwich care home often holds reminiscence-based activities for its residents to encourage enjoyable conversation and the comfort this provides.

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