Identical Twins Celebrate 90 Years Together at Sowerby House Care Home

Identical twins Dorothy and Elizabeth Manfield have celebrated their 90th birthday at Sowerby House Care Home in North Yorkshire. 

The twin sisters moved into the care home, which is just south of Thirsk, in November 2018, continuing the close bond that has only seen them apart for short periods of their lives.

Several generations of friends and family joined Sowerby House residents and staff for a party to celebrate their landmark birthday at the home.

During the gathering, the sisters shared stories from their 90 years as twins. Dorothy spoke about her time as a teacher, and Elizabeth about her career as a laboratory technician. They also shared the confusion that often occurred in their younger years as a result of them being identical twins.

“We Knew Moving In Together Would be the Right Thing to Do!”

Elizabeth said: “We have had a great time celebrating our birthday at Sowerby House. The staff made a special effort to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. We had a great party with our family and friends.

“Throughout our lives, we have always been close and continued to do things together, so we knew moving in together would be the right thing to do!”

Dorothy and Elizabeth spend every day with each other, doing the things they enjoy most, like crafts, knitting, sewing and puzzles. They are currently looking forward to making their infamous Easter chicken decorations, which have become something of a tradition at Sowerby House!

Katie Hodgson, home manager at Sowerby House, said: “Dorothy and Elizabeth are great characters. When they first moved in, we thought we might get confused as they are identical twins. However, each member of staff made a special effort to get to know them which they much appreciated. Having answered for each other for years they never worried if people did get it wrong.

“We hope they have had a wonderful time celebrating their birthday with us and we’re looking forward to making more memories with the ladies.”



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