As we head towards Autumn, we are delighted to deliver the latest edition of the Larchwood Life Newsletter. Despite visiting restrictions, our teams have worked hard to ensure our residents have enjoyed a fun-packed summer.

With plenty of sunny days over the last few months, our residents have been able to make the most of our gardens, with many able to welcome loved ones for Safe Outside Visits.

In this edition of Larchwood Life, you will discover how we have been improving many of our outside spaces, keeping residents in touch with local communities and reminiscing with the silver screen.

The Great Outdoors

We love to see our residents relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. That is why we have been working hard to improve the gardens at Larchwood Care Homes. Residents have enjoyed getting involved in these projects and getting hands-on with the planting. You’ll learn how we have been ensuring these spaces are accessible for all, with sensory elements to enhance the experience for those with dementia.

Getting Creative

At Larchwood Care, we are incredibly proud of the creativity and determination of our teams. Not only has the coronavirus pandemic presented many challenges around keeping residents in touch with loved ones, but it has also meant that we are not able to invite our residents’ favourite entertainers and activity providers into our homes. It has also put a stop to our much-loved outings. In this edition, you’ll discover some of the inventive ways our teams have been able to ensure our residents continue to enjoy their favourite events and activities.

Movie Premieres

On downloading the newsletter you will also learn how the kindness of the local community has helped residents of two of our homes reminisce about happy times at the pictures. Thanks to some very kind donations, residents have enjoyed movie premieres in their own homes.

You can download the Last Summer 2020 edition of the Larchwood Life Newsletter by clicking here.


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Welcome to the first digital edition of the Larchwood Life Newsletter. With visiting restrictions currently in place at our care homes across the United Kingdom, we believe it is more important than ever to share good news from Larchwood Care’s residents and teams. 

At Larchwood Care, we are working hard to ensure that our residents’ relatives and supporters of our homes can stay in touch with the great things that have been happening to keep life for our residents as normal and fulfilling as possible under difficult circumstances.

In this edition of Larchwood Life, you will discover how technology and social media have become an important part of maintaining contact with loved ones while also combatting loneliness during life in lockdown.

Maintaining High Standards of Care

With routine regulatory inspections on hold due to visiting restrictions, great ratings for Larchwood Care Homes have continued to be reported and celebrated by our teams and residents. In this newsletter, you will be able to read about the fantastic standards achieved in the eyes of the Care Quality Commission and the Care Inspectorate.

This edition also provides an insight into how Larchwood Care has been ensuring the health and safety of our residents and staff by sourcing and distributing appropriate PPE to all of our homes.

Community Kindness

Celebrating the kindness of our communities is another big theme of this publication, demonstrating that the general public’s admiration and appreciation of the social care sector reaches far beyond Thursday evening’s Clap For Our Carers event

On downloading the newsletter you will also discover how events such as VE Day, birthdays, and even a hen do have continued to be made special for our residents thanks to our incredibly caring and creative teams.

You can download the May 2020 edition of the Larchwood Life May 2020 Newsletter by clicking this link.


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Two of our team here at Alexandra took part in a charity sponsored walk at Rother Valley Park last Saturday.

Helen Habergham our activities coordinator and Natalie Fairhurst our administrator put their best feet forward to raise money for Alzheimer’s, by walking 10km round the park and its lake.

It was a family affair – Helen was accompanied by her children Jessica and Jake, and Natalie walked with sister Hayley. Together they raised over £60 for the charity.

The memory walk is an annual event run by the Alzheimer’s Society that helps raise awareness about those who live with dementia, a cause very dear to our hearts here at Larchwood.

Natalie said “ In our work here everyday we see how dementia affects lives. We wanted to do something for our residents and all those local people who live with dementia, raising funds to make things easier for them. We were lucky to have lovely weather in a beautiful setting and there was a fantastic turnout.”

It is incredibly important to Larchwood Care Homes that residents feel safe and secure in their new home. We recognise that moving into a new home can be a stressful experience for some. Staff at Alexandra Nursing Home have been arranging new activities to help make the experience a positive one.

Due to a surge of new residents at Alexandra the staff decided to arrange a completely new event for the home, an afternoon of chocolate tasting.
The afternoon helped to introduce the new and existing residents to each other. Alexandra staff invited the resident’s families and everyone discussed which chocolates they enjoyed and which they didn’t.

After being asked about the event a resident replied “It was a lovely idea and I have enjoyed all the chocolates I’ve tried, it’s so hard to pick a favourite!”

After a resident asked “When are we doing it again?” staff at Alexandra are now planning another tasting sometime soon.


Alexandra care home celebrated as their resident Clifford Frost turned 103! He enjoyed his birthday with his wife Lillian, who also lives at Alexandra. The couple both enjoyed a glass of wine to celebrate the day. The pair have been married for 79 years and they have resided together at Larchwood Care Homes for the past three years.
Clifford was visited by Lord and Lady Mayor of Rotherham, who presented him with a glass tankard. A photographer from the local newspaper also visited to take a photograph of the couple celebrating Clifford’s birthday. Clifford and Lillian were made local celebrities when the story appeared in the local paper on Friday 3rd April 2015!
Clifford’s family also visited and helped to celebrate the special birthday, including his daughter and his great Granddaughters. Everyone had a lovely time, and Alexandra staff were incredibly glad to be able to make the day such a joyful one.