This week at Badgers Wood Care Home, we continued our jam-packed program of summer holiday activities with cupcake decorating. Once again we welcomed children from Drayton and their families to join our residents for a morning of fun.

With the new series of the Great British Bake Off just around the corner, we couldn’t wait to get creative with icing, sprinkles, and sweets. Our residents loved spending time with the children, working together to create some “Hollywood handshake” worthy bakes. Our hearts melted when one of the children asked if their Badgers Wood older friend could go round for tea sometime!

These intergenerational sessions have been such fun for everyone involved. Thank you to our dedicated Badgers Wood family for working hard to organise and host these events over the past few weeks. We would love you to bring your little ones to round off the summer holidays by joining our residents for a trip to the local play park on Tuesday 27th August.  Call us on 01603 963694 for more details.

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Badgers Wood residents creating junk models with local children

During the summer holidays we have opened the doors at Badgers Wood Care Home to families from Drayton and the surrounding areas. This week residents and local children got creative at our junk modelling day. Working together, they created some impressive works of art.

Joan Frost, resident, said “it’s such fun working with the children, they have such fantastic imaginations, and the creations are amazing!”.

Fellow resident, Ethel Boast, added “Look at these colourful creations!  Hearing the laughter and buzz of these children being here with us is so uplifting.”

We strive to provide fun, engaging events for our residents and wanted to share them with the local community. Not only are these gatherings fun for all involved, they also have great benefits for residents’ health and well-being. The collaboration between generations can improve memory and thinking skills, through social interaction and engaging activities.

Anne Riches, Badgers Wood Care Home’s Registered Manager, said: “it is inspiring to see how the children interact with our residents, and vice versa.  There are no barriers when you are working together on a project, which is not only engaging for all age groups and very creative and dexterous, but also shows that recycling and reusing can be fun.”

The weekly themed events are happening every Tuesday at Badgers Wood Care Home over the summer holidays, and will continue for pre-school age children when the new school year begins.

Our residents would love you to join us for some cupcake decorating next Tuesday 20th August 2019.

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Badgers Wood Sports Day

The summer holidays are a fantastic opportunity to welcome local families to Badgers Wood Care Home for some fun activities. Our residents love spending time with children and families from Drayton and the surrounding area. What better way to have some fun in the sun, than with a good old sports day!

Our Intergenerational Sports Day featured a disability-inclusive relay race, bean bag throwing and an egg and spoon race.

Anne Riches, Badgers Wood Care Home’s Registered Manager said: “there are no barriers to joining in this type of activity. Even sports day events can be made inclusive to everyone, regardless of ability or age. Events like these prove it!”

Resident, Peter Chamberlain said “what a wonderful way to spend the day, with these lovely children, hearing their laughter, and having sports day fun together. Growing old isn’t so bad on days like today.”

Fellow resident, Joan Frost added “I didn’t think I could do these activities, but I won second place, so it looks like I can!”

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Teddy Bear's Picnic at Badgers Wood Care Home

Tuesdays at Badgers Wood Care Home are all about having fun across the generations. During the summer holidays we’re inviting resident’s families, supporters and families from Drayton and the surrounding areas to join us for some intergenerational activities.

This week we held a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in our beautiful gardens. As the families arrived, the teddy bears were hiding in the trees. The children had great fun finding them all, then joined our residents playing games and eating delicious picnic food in the sunshine. There were lots of teddies and lots of smiles!

We can’t wait to welcome more families and supporters to our Junk Modelling event next Tuesday 13th August at Badgers Wood.

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What fabulous news!  Badger’s Wood has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ following its recent CQC inspection on 15 March 2019.

Anne and her team have worked extremely hard over the past 3 years and their hard work has paid off with the home being rated as Outstanding in Caring, Responsive and Well Led.

What differentiates Badger’s Wood from other “Good” related homes is the degree to which the home is integrated into the local community.  Rarely does a day pass without some community-based activity taking place in the service.  In particular, the home has strong links with the nearby primary school and residents and children spend time together reading, learning and playing games and some are pen-pals.

The home can evidence the improvements in resident well-being by giving residents a sense of purpose and by providing an environment where they can form new friendships with children and parents.

The service is led by a registered manager and management team that are committed to delivering a service which improved the lives of the people in fulfilling and creative ways. The leadership team encouraged and facilitated staff to go the extra mile in delivering care that made people feel special. Innovation, creativity and sharing ideas and best practice were commonplace, staff were regularly involved in local initiatives to trail blaze the best care and support.

Well done Badgers Wood!

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