At Ravenstone Care Home, residents are able to enjoy a wide range of pet therapy. Interaction with animals is known to enhance health and wellbeing, and we are lucky to have our own pets living within the care home. Many of which have become good friends with our residents.

Our three guinea pigs, Patches, Willow, and Prince love being made a fuss of. They will happily sit in the arms of residents lapping up the attention. Kenny the budgie and Chico the Cockatiel chirp away in the living room, while outside you’ll find Dixie, Pixie, and Trixie running freely around their chicken coop.

We also offer one-to-one time for those who choose not to join us for our communal pet therapy activities or are unable to for whatever reason. A firm favourite of our pet therapy programme is a visiting Shetland pony, which residents are free to pet. He even takes a ride in the lift to see residents on the first floor.

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