Ravenstone resident making pom poms for their pen pals

Residents at Ravenstone Care Home in Droitwich are proud to have over 20 pen pals at Chawson Community First School. We strive to keep our residents connected with the local community, and there are many proven benefits to positive engagement with younger generations. Residents have loved writing and receiving letters from the school children over the last school year.

Just before the end of term, a group of our pen pals were invited to a special school assembly. The children put on some excellent performances showcasing a great variety of talents. With gymnastics, singing and joke-telling, we were thoroughly entertained.

Like all good guests, we went along to the school bearing gifts. Each pen pal was presented with a handmade personalised pom-pom key ring to wish them a happy holiday!

The Raventstone Pen Pals are very much looking forward to sharing more letters in the new school year.

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