“My nan’s final days at Whitby House were undoubtedly the ones where she received the best care. Nothing was an issue. She wasn’t aware of where she was or who people were, but nonetheless, she was still treated with dignity. There was no problem with her having as many family members there as we wanted. My sister and I, also slept on the floor in her room just to ensure she was never alone. The staff were amazing. The sister that was on, on the day she died, was so supportive and understanding. Sadly, my nan never got to benefit from other sides of the home. But every time I was there, the residents were being entertained with games of bingo etc. In fact, we helped raise funds for a projector so they could watch the films they liked, together. My only regret is that my nan spent so long in hospital and only came here once she was close to the end. However, my heartfelt thanks must still go out to all those who work there, that made her final days pain-free and comfortable.”