“My mother has lived at Hillcrest for 3 years and during that time we have been able to make mums room lovely and cosy, repainting in the colours that she chose, getting her a lovely comfy bed and armchair, bringing lots of things from her home so that her surroundings are familiar to her, so important to a person with Dementia. Her room is like a little bedsit with her own fridge and kettle so that she can still ‘entertain’ guests. Mum had always had dogs and cats and felt very sad and lonely when she arrived, the Registered Manager recognised this and knew of an elderly cat who needed a home so she arranged for the cat to come to Hillcrest and asked mum to ‘look after’ her; she now lives with mum in her room. The manager knows all her residents and genuinely enjoys spending time with them and her staff have worked really hard to ensure that the home has a lovely atmosphere. Relatives are free to come and go at any time, share meals with their loved ones and be part of their lives.”