Residents of St Mary’s Care Home in Scunthorpe have welcomed the Year of the Rat with a special Chinese New Year feast.

Staff at the home often theme food and activities around national days and holidays to give residents the opportunity to learn about different cultures and celebrations from around the world.

The team decorated the home with paper lanterns, traditional Chinese dragon artwork, and banners displaying the Chinese characters for ‘Year of the Rat.’

At lunchtime, residents enjoyed a celebratory feast of vegetable spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken with rice, and pineapple rings with ice cream for dessert.

Jean, a resident at St Mary’s Care Home, said; “The meal was very good. I enjoy Chinese food so it was a nice surprise.”

Fellow resident John said; “I had a good time and can’t wait for something else to happen, it’s my birthday this week and a singer is coming so that will be good.”

Experiencing New Cultures and Sharing Memories

Including celebrations from around the world in our activities programme not only helps residents to discover new cultures and flavours, but it can also help them to reminisce about their own experiences of those cultures. Sharing these personal memories and experiences can add a powerful extra dimension to activities. Personal stories also help residents and staff learn more about each other’s lives and interests.

With reference to this event, Mary Ann, another resident of St Mary’s Care Home, said; “I love real Chinese food. I got a taste for it when I spent five years there in my twenties. I travelled all over and would recommend it to everyone. The decorations were quite realistic so all in all it was a nice day.”


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