Rochford care home Stambridge Meadows has opened a new dementia-friendly garden for its residents to enjoy.

Now that the weather is improving, the home’s residents are keen to spend more and more time in the garden, enjoying some fresh air and appreciating the great outdoors.

Just in time for the warmer spring days, Stambridge Meadows has opened a revamped garden area. The new-look outdoor space is more accessible for residents, particularly those with reduced mobility.

The home, on Stambridge Road, has sweeping countryside views to the rear and staff wanted to ensure more of the home’s residents were able to enjoy the scenery.

To make sure residents with reduced mobility could access the garden more easily, a safe, flowing surface has been created by laying a smooth, resin top that is level with the home’s living areas.

Staff and residents at Stambridge Meadows helped to plan the garden’s design, with sensory elements heavily featuring throughout. Fragrant trees and shrubs, as well as flowering plants are key sensory features. There is also a water feature to add a calming element for those sat enjoying the countryside views.

A Perfect Space to Spot Wildlife

Barbara Lewindon, 87, a resident at the Rochford care home, said: “The garden looks wonderful and we are looking forward to sitting outside when the weather warms up and enjoy a cup of tea while watching the wildlife.”

Patsy Munyard, home manager at Stambridge Meadows, said: “We wanted our residents to enjoy the full impact of the five acres of land we live on and for them to enjoy the panoramic views of the countryside.

“We have lots of wildlife that live around the grounds that visit on a daily basis, so we wanted to make the garden more accessible so our residents could enjoy spotting different animals and creatures.

“I love how the garden has turned out, it is an ongoing project that in the future we would love to be extended with different pathways to different areas of the land. The water feature is lovely and makes it a relaxing atmosphere for our residents to enjoy.”

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