At Hope House Care Home in Accrington, our staff are always looking for ways to help residents feel connected to their loved ones.

That is why Sheila O’Connor, a resident at Hope House, recently received a heart-warming gift from one of the team members at the home.

Night carer Charmaine Douglas noticed that Sheila likes to keep a picture of her husband close by when she sleeps. Unfortunately, most mornings the picture would be found on the floor. Upon noticing this, Charmaine had the idea to buy her a custom-made photo pillow so she could stay close to her husband and cuddle up to his picture every night.

Charmaine said: “I have a really close relationship with Sheila and spent many a night shift chatting with her about her husband, so I know how much he means to her.  That gave me the idea for the cushion so she could give him a cuddle every day, which she has throughout since the pandemic.”

Further Gifts From Her ‘Secret Admirer’

Sheila first met her husband Tony while making pans at the Burco factory and, despite her initial claims that she tried to avoid Tony, the pair fell in love and decided to get married. They have remained together for over 48 years.

Even after almost half a century together, the pair are still keen to ensure that the romance doesn’t die out. During the recent period of visiting restrictions, Tony has taken to driving by her window at the care home in Accrington each day to see her. He also regularly sends gifts to Sheila addressed from her ‘secret admirer.’

At Larchwood, our friendly homes are constantly looking at ways to help residents stay connected and keep in touch with their loved ones. Our teams work hard to organise events and activities that stimulate residents, as well as bring back happy memories.

You can watch the moment Sheila was presented with her gift in the video below:

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