Philosophy of Care

Larchwood Care offers you the opportunity to enhance your quality of life by providing a safe and comfortable environment.

We provide support and stimulation to help maximise potential, whilst recognising your particular physical, emotional and social capacity.

  • You are encouraged to be involved in decisions affecting your/your loved one’s life
  • The assumption, underlying all care decisions, is that residents are capable of making choices about their own lifestyle (e.g. deciding what to do and when to do it)
  • Staff will respect and enable residents to live dignified lives
  • Larchwood Care offers opportunities for residents to review their own situation regularly, along with a relative, friend or adviser, Key Worker or Manager
  • Residents are entitled to β€˜private’ accommodation which they can call their own, use as and when they wish and invite guests to.
  • This implies choice about the nature of the room, such as a resident’s own furnishings, and a secure place for personal belongings
  • Staff will adhere to the principle that the needs of the resident are paramount
  • We will ensure that the individual needs, and wishes, of all residents are ascertained and respected
  • Residents will be treated with respect and dignity at all times, but especially in regard to staff’s treatment of incontinence issues, bathing or dressing and the manner by which they are addressed
  • Staff are required to ensure that they adhere to the instructions given in the Quality Manual, and other specified standards and instructions, issued as part of Larchwood Care’s training programmes
  • We ensure that, wherever possible, residents continue to have access to all community support services, including health, social services, leisure and education and we will facilitate such access wherever possible

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