Spring is in the air at Avonbridge Care Home in Hamilton with the arrival of eight new feathered residents.

After receiving eight eggs from an ethical hatching company, Incredible Eggs, staff and residents were shown how to properly care for them by a professional. Following their training, the Avonbridge family managed to successfully hatch all eight chicks.

The staff at Avonbridge Care Home are no strangers to feathered friends. Many of the team keep chickens of their own. They have gladly shared their knowledge with the residents on how to care for the chickens as they grow up.

The home has even erected a purpose-built chicken coop in the garden, ready for the chicks to move into when they are old enough.

A Soothing Activity

Rosina Fagan, aged 79, a resident of the care home in Hamilton, said: “I think the chicks are beautiful and have loved being able to watch them grow. It’s great to have them in the home. We love to care for them and it’s a very different activity for us to take part in.”

Another resident who has enjoyed watching the chicks grow is Shonda McMillan, aged 77. She said: “They are very soothing, and they have kept us all busy. I can’t wait until they are bigger and can peck around in their outdoor chicken coop. Hopefully, we can get lots of yummy eggs from them.”

Lesley Kelly, home manager at Avonbridge Care Home, said: “Our residents are very fond of animals and birds, and hatching the chicks in the home seemed like a fun, yet different activity for them to participate in.

“We were given lots of advice from Incredible Eggs, and we successfully hatched all the eggs into beautiful little chicks. We’re all really looking forward to watching them grow up and be big enough for their chicken coop!”

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