Staff at Avonbridge Care Home in Hamilton have surprised their residents by redecorating the walls at the home with a brand-new mural.

The staff decided to create the mural depicting a typical Scottish high-street after overhearing residents talk about their desire to go shopping in the local town centre once lockdown restrictions allow.

The brightly coloured mural features shops, hairdressers, cafés, grocery stores, and even a post office. The staff also included a variety of colourful nature scenes in the mural, such as cherry blossom trees and flowers.

The mural sparked a number of conversations amongst residents about their favourite shops, their favourite high street buildings and the places they’re most looking forward to visiting when restrictions allow.

Familiar Sights

The murals featured at the Care Home in Hamilton are specially designed to bring comfort to those living with dementia. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, these familiar sights have been a welcome addition for everyone.

Moira Buchanan, one of the residents at Avonbridge, said that she thinks the mural is gorgeous. She loves the bright colours and the feeling that she has everything she is used to seeing on her doorstep.

At Larchwood Care, it is important to us that our residents feel connected to the local community, especially during these difficult times. Reminding them about comforts, such as visiting the local shops, is just one example of the ways that our teams go the extra mile to ensure that our residents live happy, fulfilled, and stimulated lives.

Our homes have dedicated activities teams that work hard to create a varied programme featuring our residents’ favourite pastimes. Our teams also endeavour to provide our residents with new opportunities and experiences to find things that they enjoy.


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