The residents of Cavell House Care Home in Shoreham-by-Sea have embraced the Chinese New Year with themed activities and flavours.

The team at the home often incorporate national days and holidays from other parts of the world into their activities programme. This gives residents the opportunity to learn and experience new things. Observing these kinds of events also help to ensure that each day is different with something exciting to look forward to.

In the week leading up to Chinese New Year, residents helped the Cavell House team dress the home with traditional decorations. During their arts and crafts sessions, residents worked on creating their own decorations to add to the mix. Using coloured card and paper, they made their very own paper Chinese lanterns. After a bit of research, we also made bunting displaying the Chinese characters for the Year of the Rat.

Food Fit for a Celebration

National holidays such as Chinese New Year, are the perfect opportunity for the kitchen team to add an extra twist to the Cavell House menu.  Slices of a specially baked jam and coconut cake, as well as traditional Chinese fortune cookies, were on offer throughout the celebrations. Residents enjoyed the suspense of opening the cookies, then sharing their predicted fortunes with each other.

On the day itself, a Chinese themed lunch was served. Residents enjoyed a freshly cooked sweet and sour chicken dish, served with rice and prawn crackers. This was followed by the classic Chinese dessert of banana fritters and ice cream!

The meal was a great chance for some of our residents to discover new flavours. While for others, it brought back happy memories of enjoying Chinese takeaways and visiting Chinese restaurants with family and friends.

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