Cranford Care Home Residents ‘Twist and Shout’ with Beatles Blast From the Past!

The residents of Cranford Care Home in Aberdeen, part of Larchwood Care, were treated to an afternoon of music and memories, as Keith from The Rock Room Music Studio hosted a Beatles-themed interactive music session.

With tambourines and shakers in hand, residents clapped, danced, and sang along to some of the greatest hits from the iconic band.

Care Home Manager, Coleen Reid, highlighted the significance of these musical events. “Music has a unique power to connect and energise,” she explained. “Keith’s sessions are not just about fun; they’re also a vital part of our therapeutic activities that genuinely uplift everyone’s spirits here. His ability to engage with our residents and staff alike brings our community closer together.”

The event featured a playlist of timeless Beatles tracks, carefully selected to encourage participation and awaken fond memories among the residents. The room was filled with energy and smiles as familiar tunes echoed through the halls, creating an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie.

Marion Craig, one of the residents, shared her enthusiasm. “Hearing these songs again is like stepping into a time machine,” she said with a smile. “The music reminds me of my youth and all the good times. It’s lovely to share this with friends here, and Keith always makes it so special.”

Further enhancing the resident experience, Cranford Care Home ensures that these music sessions are part of a broader range of activities designed to cater to diverse interests and needs. From art workshops to fitness classes and cultural outings, the home provides a holistic approach to care that promotes not only physical wellbeing but also mental and emotional health.

“We believe in creating a vibrant living environment where all our residents can thrive,” Coleen Reid added. “Today’s Beatles singalong is just one example of how we strive to enrich the lives of our residents through engaging and meaningful activities.”

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