Making Wishes Come True At Cranford Care Home

Wishes are starting to come true for the lucky residents of Cranford Care Home in Aberdeen, thanks to their new ‘Wishing Tree’.

The tree, which is placed in the reception area of the home, encourages residents to write a note expressing a wish that they would most like to come true. The first wish on the tree was from Cranford resident Mina. Mina wrote a note for the tree saying; “I wish I could go for a dinner date with my husband.”

The care team organised a date with Mina’s husband Ron and set two places at the home’s best table in the bay window of the dining room. With roses on the table and wine to toast the occasion, the couple enjoyed a romantic meal for two.

Michelle Paterson, Care Home Manager at Cranford, said; “Mina and Ron have been married for 65 years. They have a lovely bond and Ron visits daily to spend time with Mina.”

Hopes and Dreams for the Future

“I first saw the wishing tree idea when I worked overseas. In that particular facility, it was a wishing well, but the idea was the same. At Cranford Care Home, we plan to have a wish for all of our residents and aim to make them come true one by one.”

The amount of wishes appearing on the tree has increased following Mina and Ron’s date night. It looks like there will be some thoroughly enjoyable challenges ahead for the team at the home.

The Cranford family are always looking for ways to go the extra mile to ensure that our residents live happy, fulfilled, and meaningful lives. We believe that getting residents to set achievable hopes and dreams for the future is the perfect way to achieve this.


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