Celebrating the Heart of Healthcare: International Nurses Day at Larchwood Care

International Nurses Day recently saw Larchwood Care join in the global celebration of nurses. Our homes across Larchwood Care expressed gratitude to our nursing staff for their unwavering commitment to providing quality care.

The day was marked by various gestures of appreciation across Larchwood’s care homes. At Muirton House Care Home, the manager, Sandra, presented nurses Gladys, Shelly, and Nishamol with tokens of appreciation. These small acts recognised the vital role these nurses play in the lives of residents.

Similarly, at Appleby Care Home, nurses were honoured, along with agency, district, and mental health nurses. Sweet treats were shared, showing the homes gratitude for their dedication. A heartfelt thank you from a district nurse highlighted the impact of kindness in nursing.

Avonbridge Care Home extended appreciation not only to its own nursing team but to nurses globally. A special mention was made for nurse Alyson, who recently completed a charitable walk, raising funds for residents, a true inspiration within the home!

The Hollies also took the opportunity to express appreciation to nurses worldwide, ensuring their own nursing staff felt valued. These gestures of gratitude acknowledged the essential role nurses play in healthcare.

As International Nurses Day concluded, Larchwood Care’s gratitude remained strong. Nurses are the foundation of care homes, embodying compassion and dedication. To the nurses at Larchwood Care and beyond, a heartfelt thank you. Your dedication does not go unnoticed.

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