Residents of Oake Meadows Care Home in Taunton, Somerset, have been busy carrying out their New Year’s resolutions.

The start of a new year and a new decade seemed the ideal opportunity for residents of the care home to set some goals and talk about their aspirations for the future.

We spent a day gathering residents together in the lounge or chatting to them in their rooms about the things they would most like to achieve during 2020. They thought long and hard about their New Year’s resolutions and came up with some ambitious, but achievable objectives.

Oake Meadows resident Andree, 72, vowed to; “Make healthy choices.”

Dennis, 85, a fellow resident of the home, expressed his wishes to; “Achieve more and stay healthy.”

Sheila, 92, said she would like to enjoy; “More country walks and… Cider.”

Vince, 72, joked that this year he would like to; “Change my luck.”

And Olive, 78, promised; “To tell no more dirty jokes.”

Focusing on the Future

Our discussions about New Year’s resolutions involved many quick-witted answers and plenty of laughs! The conversations also helped residents to focus on plans and hopes for the coming year.

We firmly believe that moving into a care home does not mean that life has to completely slow down. Having goals to reach for and ambitions to achieve can have a really positive effect on mood and wellbeing. This helps residents live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

As a resident of Oake Meadows, you will always find something exciting, a little bit challenging, and fun to do. This ensures that everyone in our care has the opportunity to live life to the full, experience a sense of achievement, a sense of purpose, and have plenty to look forward to.


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