Our Atherton care home held a high-flying celebration for its residents this VE Day.

To mark 76 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe, the day began with a replay of Sir Winston Churchill’s victory speech. Enjoying VE Day themed cakes while watching, the speech brought back memories of the day in 1945 for many of the home’s residents.

Surrounded by paper chains, bunting and flags made during craft sessions in the days before, residents were given toy glider versions of iconic wartime planes. These conjured childhood memories of both the toys themselves and of seeing the aircraft they represent in the sky.

As well as having fun with the gliders, residents also enjoyed completing VE Day activity booklets and a reading special edition newspaper from the home’s Oomph On Demand digital activity platform.

As the soundtrack to 1940’s Britain filled the lounges, residents clapped, danced and sang along to some of their favourite wartime tunes.

Sharing Wartime Stories

The sights and sounds of the day led to a wonderful afternoon of sharing stories from the homefront and those who served. Midge, a resident of the Atherton care home said: “I can still remember everyone cheering when the news came that it was all over.”

Marjorie, who also lives at the Chanters, added: “I remember tucking into jam butties at the street party on our road!”

Following the afternoon of celebrations, the residents chose the perfect tea to finish off the day. In true 1940’s style, they opted for a fish and chip supper. Many of those who lived through the war remembered that fish and chips were one of the few foods not to be rationed. They recalled that this was because the government believed that safeguarding this comfort meal was a key way to keep morale up during a difficult time.

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