Avonbridge Care Home Residents Discover the Soothing Power of Halotherapy

Residents of Avonbridge Care Home in Hamilton, part of Larchwood Care, recently experienced the healing ambiance of the Salt Caves in East Kilbride, indulging in a session of rejuvenating halotherapy. This unique excursion provided the residents with an opportunity to enjoy the numerous health benefits of salt therapy in a tranquil and soothing environment.

Halotherapy, known for its therapeutic effects, dates back to the 12th century in Eastern Europe. It gained wider recognition in the 1800s when Polish salt miners exhibited remarkably good health despite their demanding work environment. Today, halotherapy is celebrated for its ability to alleviate respiratory conditions, skin problems, and allergies due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting, and anti-allergic properties.

Emma Duffy, home manager at Avonbridge, expressed her enthusiasm for the excursion, saying: “It’s wonderful to see our residents benefiting from such a tranquil environment. The Salt Caves not only offer a chance to relax but also enhance our residents’ well-being through the natural healing properties of salt air.”

Margaret, one of the residents who attended the trip, shared her delightful experience: “I enjoyed the day at the salt cave; it was very quiet and peaceful, and they played soft relaxing music. I came out feeling relaxed; it was a great day out, and I would definitely go back again. The best part was sitting in a massage chair listening to the relaxing music.”

Research highlights the various health benefits of halotherapy, which include alleviating respiratory conditions, skin problems, and allergies. The salt used in halotherapy is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting, and anti-allergic properties.

The trip to the Salt Caves is part of Avonbridge Care Home’s ongoing commitment to providing diverse and enriching activities that promote the health and happiness of its residents. By offering such experiences, Avonbridge ensures that their residents have access to activities that enhance their physical and mental well-being, making their lives more fulfilling and enjoyable.

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