Stuart, a resident of Kingsgate Care Home in East Kilbride, smiling as he reads a Happygram from his wife.

Care Home in East Kilbride Leading the Way With New Initiative Happygrams

Kingsgate Care Home in East Kilbride has become the first care home ‘across the pond’ to participate in a USA initiative, Happygrams.

The home, which is based on Glasgow Road, decided to trial the American platform in December. Since then it has become a staple for residents and their families. So far, more than 60 Happygrams have been delivered.

78-year-old Stuart Duffy, one of the lovely residents at Kingsgate care home, has thoroughly enjoyed the service and has received particularly special Happygrams from his wife, Ann.

Stuart said: “I really enjoyed receiving my Valentine’s Day Happygram from my wife Ann. The Happygrams are such a great idea and they have cheered us all up; we love seeing the pictures from our families and friends and it’s lovely to be reminded they are always thinking about us.”

A Unique Way to Keep in Touch

The Happygram service is very easy to use and it helps to keep residents connected with their loved ones in a unique but special way. Family and friends can hop onto the Happygram website and send a message to their loved ones which is then delivered to the care home.

Users are even able to add photos to the Happygrams! All they need to do is select the home they wish to send the Happygram to by clicking here and fill out the necessary details!

Kathleen Crymble, activities coordinator at Kingsgate care home, said: “The residents have absolutely loved receiving Happygrams from their families. It’s genuinely heart-warming to deliver and assist with the reading of the messages to residents who need a wee bit extra help. The photos are great and it’s good to see the smiling faces of the families – we also love seeing photos of family dogs!

“We remain the only home in the world outside of America to offer a Happygram delivery service and I’d like to say a huge thank you to all our residents’ families and friends who send in Happygrams.”

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