Miniature Pony Visiting Residents

Miniature Pony Visit at Diamond House Care Home!

We’re thrilled to share the heartwarming news about Daisy, the miniature Shetland pony’s recent visit to Diamond House care home in Downham Market. Daisy, accompanied by the handlers from Miniature Dreams, brought immeasurable joy to residents during this special interaction.

During her visit, Daisy trotted through communal areas, spreading smiles and happiness among the residents. What made this visit truly unique was the opportunity for some residents, especially those less mobile, to enjoy Daisy’s company upstairs, petting her and sharing some carrots.

This delightful visit from our usual animal visitors created a buzz of excitement. While the home has had everything from creepy crawlies to lizards and rabbits, Daisy marks their first-ever pony visitor. Residents had the chance to interact with Daisy, petting her, asking questions about her diet and care, and even sharing treats.

As we know, interaction with animals holds therapeutic benefits, particularly for our older residents. Such experiences release endorphins, promoting a sense of joy and comfort. The tactile engagement of petting an animal, hearing its gentle sounds, and experiencing its natural scent stimulates all five senses, contributing to holistic well-being.

Beyond the immediate joy, these interactions often evoke cherished memories, fostering conversations and shared stories. One resident, expressed their delight, reminiscing about their younger days caring for horses.

Allison Webster, their dedicated Activities Coordinator, shed light on the thoughtful planning behind this event. She shared, “We aim to provide diverse and engaging experiences for our residents, bringing something out of the ordinary to enhance their quality of life. Daisy, with her calm temperament and well-trained nature, perfectly aligns with these criteria. I’m confident she’ll be back soon to bring more smiles to our residents.”

The home was also joined by BBC Radio Norfork for the experience, you can listen here.

This event is a testament to the commitment to providing exceptional and diverse experiences for their residents. Thank you to everyone involved in making this day truly special!

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