Basildon care home residents 80-year-old Joyce Roberts and 85-year-old Eileen Knock in their straw hats in the Mundy House garden.

Basildon Care Home Residents Nurture Garden Makeover

Our Basildon care home residents are keen gardeners and have thoroughly enjoyed transforming their outdoor space with help from the staff and some kind family members.

To make the Mundy House garden more accessible to residents in wheelchairs, a new pathway was installed to ensure that everyone could manoeuvre around the grounds safely.

Garden gates were added as a fantastic new feature, then everyone set to work to bring a new lease of life to the garden.

Gardening has many proven benefits for the elderly, and light gardening duties can also reduce the risk of dementia. This is because it requires cognition and engagement by the resident, to complete even the smallest of planting tasks.

Some of the other outdoor activity and gardening benefits can be mental and physical. Outdoor activities engage residents in communal tasks, as well as provide a calming environment.

A Blossoming Friendship

Two residents of the Basildon care home who have really enjoyed taking part in the garden transformation are friends, 80-year-old Joyce Roberts and 85-year-old Eileen Knock. When they’re not digging in new plants or pruning branches, they can regularly be seen enjoying a little bit of sunshine in their straw hats.

Joyce said: “It is still not finished, there is still so much to do, but we are getting there!”

Eileen, who is collecting special items she has found in the garden, said: “I love gardening.”

Josi George, Mundy House care home manager, said: “This has been a lovely project for the residents who have been able to get involved, as it not only promotes positive mental wellbeing but gives them a little bit of gentle exercise. Joyce and Eileen have really been amazing – even digging and cutting things down. They have really made the garden look amazing.”

“The residents love being out in the new garden, and it helps them to get a little bit of sunshine when the weather is fair and is also very calming and relaxing.

“With the new pathway we have installed, more of the residents are able to enjoy our outdoor space safely, which is of great benefit to them.”

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